Anna Glazova

Translated from the Russian by Alex Niemi
the city lights hugging your cheek
and raindrops on your brow.

autumn begins with the last swallow’s flight
and maybe a sigh.

a leaf falls on your shoulder
but for some reason you don’t collapse.

the bends in the trunk of a mountain pine
form a face, the roots — eyes.
sap and resin
write a chronicle of change
along the grain:

how the cliff crumbled
and the wind turned back
unsettling the world.

whirlwinds of attraction
cast you to the sky
or to the corner
and the feeling of distant waves against sand —

better to keep sailing than never set sail
better to lie, not on stone,
but in your very own hollow
on the still unseen shore.

Anna Glazova is a poet, translator and independent scholar. She has published six books of poetry in Russian and received her PhD in German and Comparative Literature at Northwestern University (USA). She translates from German and English.

Alex Niemi is a writer and translator from French, Russian, and Spanish. Her translation from the French of The John Cage Experiences by Vincent Tholomé is available from Autumn Hill Books, and her translation from the Russian of For the Shrew by Anna Glazova is forthcoming from Zephyr Press. She is also the author of the poetry chapbook Elephant (dancing girl press, 2020).

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